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FlyByHire™ LLC will strongly enforce intellectual property and any proprietary information disclosed on our website, either intentionally or implicitly.


All data and disclosures available for “public” consumption are the sole property of FlyByHire LLC, regardless of information being provided in good faith.


The term “Confidential Information” applies to information relating to the our mission statement, footage, financial projections, equipment strategy, etc., regardless of


         (a) whether such information is specifically designated as confidential;


         (b) whether such information is in written, oral, electronic, or other form. Such Confidential Information shall include, without limitation,


                  (i) trade secrets, know-how, inventions, technical data or specifications, testing methods, business or financial information, research and development activities, product and marketing plans, and customer and supplier information,


                 (ii) analyses, compilations, forecasts, studies or other documents or records that contain, reflect, interpret or are based directly or indirectly upon such information that are prepared by the Receiving Party or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, counsel, auditors, or representatives (collectively, “Representatives”) and


               (iii) the existence of the Confidential Information or this Agreement, the fact that the Disclosing Party is providing Confidential Information to the Receiving Party and any of the terms, conditions or other facts, including the fact that discussions or negotiations are or may be taking place with respect to a possible transaction between certain Parties and the proposed terms of any such transaction. The term “person” applies to both individuals and commercial entities. Moreover, “person(s)” shall be broadly interpreted to include, without limitation, the media and any individual, corporation, estate, partnership, joint venture, limited liability company, association, joint stock company, trust (including any beneficiary hereof), unincorporated organization, or other entity.











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