Mission Statement

FlyByHire LLC, a Delaware Incorporated Company, is a global leader in aerial photography, advertising and search and rescue services. FBH uses the latest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technologies, with the best (professional) camera equipment available. We continuously invest in our business to ensure our clients benefit from a tier-1 experience. Our clients include premier insurers, fire departments, police departments, academic institutions, independent inspection companies, commercial realtors, residential realtors, municipalities, leisure and sport owners, social photographers, agricultural companies, infrastructure owners, security services, and professional media broadcasters.

Our ambitions

As the premier “Higher for Hire” UAV business, we intend to grow exponentially without sacrificing results for our valued (and growing) clients base. We have made a strategic decision to use only equipment which we own (and “O&O” model); our contracted independent pilots are hand-picked, trained in-house at our own drone school, and only then do they get their FlyByHire credentials. All equipment is provided to pilots by the FlyByHire Parent Company, a fleet which is expanding weekly. We carry full (at least $5 million per drone) liability insurance to protect for any unexpected incidents of damage to persons and / or property. We hold an FAA 333 commercial exemption for our operations, which allows us to operate – under safety guidelines – as a legal commercial entity.

Our People

FlyByHire was founded by Judah Rifkin, a 12-plus year veteran Wall Street Analyst and corporate executive specializing in Tech, Media and Telecom (TMT). Judah saw the sea-change and potential applications to drone technology early, taking a break from his Analyst role(s) to form FlyByHire as CEO and Founder. FlyByHire has an all-star executive team, which continues to recruit top-level talent. Our corporate board-of-directors includes some of the most recognized, visionary individuals in the world’s of business, technology, media and entrepreneurialism. Finally, our most important employees, our pilots and post-production crew, are truly best-in-class and form the backbone of our company. We set a high bar for talent, and  believe that being picky is the only way to be best in a competitive market, albeit a market with high barriers to entry. 


FlyByHire is well-capitalized with an impressive investor roster, from individuals to VC Institutions. Although we believe our current level of funding meets our near-term needs, we are always willing to talk with institutional investors interested in entering a burgeoning business on the ground floor. For additional information on investment opportunities, please email [email protected]

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