• The recently concluded Consumer Electronic Show (CES) brought the requisite ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ but the convention seems to have hit a wall (when PC Magazine calls a Windows Tablet a top innovation, it’s not the best sign). The invariable evolution of technology brings new real-time ways to disseminate information, in turn making these few days in Las Vegas arguably less relevant.

• The two biggest takeaways from the show were: (1) the College Football National Championship which kicked off, as usual, on opening night of the convention. The game was so good (go #alabama), CES started in the back seat (and autos were certainly a theme!). Second, the humiliation. At the peak of the show, virtually all power in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) went DARK. Ouch. For those who follow power generation in the Nevada area, all we can say is Damn.

• Despite such distractions, CES was a continuation of previously telegraphed themes – but with few exceptions, there was a palpable lack of ‘wow’ this year. Technology and innovation will always remain worth watching; yet, on the whole, it was elegant poetry watching the lights shut off in the brightest city in the U.S. Nevertheless, we have booked our hotel for next year. We hope to see some solar powered drones!


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