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FlyByHIRE LLC is a pioneer in the commercial aerial  services industry. We use unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to enhance customer efficiencies. We have expanded our network and logged more flight hours than any of our “competitors.” We are an FAA 333 exemption holder, enabling us to fly missions that others cannot. We are the aerial solution for all photography, surveying, inspection, public safety, advertising verticals and anything in between


We treat each client individually; every order is considered a custom one. We do not offer blanket pricing, since we do not believe in “stock packages.” We maintain the highest standards of fleet quality and insurance coverage. As an FAA 333 exemption holder (no longer an option for market entrants), we are able to fly in places where others cannot


With versatility in our platform and a fleet of state-of-the-art drones merged with highly-capable expert pilots, FBH can achieve results for any customer. Whether a simple residential real estate shoot, or a complex cell tower inspection (with 180x zoom lenses), FlyByHIRE LLC satisfies most demands. We leverage technology to add efficiency and it is our job to save you money



Being different in a growing industry does not come without challenges. Founded by a long-time Media/Telecom analyst with a passion for aviation, we saw the trend of drones reaching critical mass whereby the quality and affordability have enabled UAVs to become useful business tools. We stand by the quality of our work and invite pilots to contract under FBH brand if they have the right stuff and a passion for flight


Real Estate

We offer comprehensive real estate photography services to the residential and commercial marketplace. Our clients are among the largest real estate agents, brokers and developers; moreover, we are confident — based on experience, track record and skill — our capabilities exceed even the highest of expectations. Our portfolio of virtual tours is extensive, and available for viewing. We love to work on all real estate projects – no matter how big or small – give us a call today!

Sports, leisure & events

Our leisure division offers expansive options for clients, customized for all goals. From live streaming of sporting events to tours of facilities, FlyByHIRE has you covered. We take guess-work out of the event, working with each venue, franchise and the FAA, ensuring the bounds of safety first and quality a close second. We aim to enhance rather than distract from any event. We cover charity fundraisers, sports, and even interiors of weddings . The possibilities for our Sport / Leisure / Event vertical are endless!

Advertising / Banairs

From our first Commercial launch, FlyByHIRE sought to be more than an aerial photography company. Core to our mission is to use UAVs = which have become safer and incredibly powerful – for other applications which will benefit a different cohort of clients. Enter BanAirs, our patented solution for transforming the Outdoor Advertising market, one BanAir at a time. See sample footage or contact us for more info. Oh, and #banair

3d Models/Contracting

3D Modeling is a cutting edge technology which FlyByHIRE has been mastered, with a huge leap forward functionally thanks, to the rapid rise in quality of UAVs. FBH’s drones are capable of modeling a site in measurable (accurate to the inch) quality for construction sites, municipalities, etc., of any size in any weather condition. Customers are able to manipulate the models we produce in any way they see fit. Email us for more info on this game-changing technology!

Rescue / First Response

FlyByHIRE seeks to be more than an mere aerial photography company. Core to our mission is to use UAVs – which have become safer and incredibly powerful – for applications which will benefit society. We have equipment using 180x zoom cameras and FLIR technology which acts in coordination with search and rescue responders; live feeds are available to facilitate safety, efficiency and real time data from the field.

Custom requests

FlyByHIRE LLC  provides any custom request backed by the power of our fleet and outsourced pilots with specialized skill. Get in touch for more information!

technology in focus: 3d modeling 


The Life of a Lonely Model (part 1 of 3)

This is part 1 of a 3-part series explaining one of the most powerful, yet amazingly misunderstood and under-appreciated functions of Drones: their ability to render measurable, accurate 3D models of any terrain or location by ‘simply’ (well not so simply) stitching together thousands of high quality images. (To be more accurate, dozens of supercomputers actually do the heavy-lifting in stitching aforementioned images together, churning out an integrated and useful whole.)

Modeling capabilities exist for even low-end drones, yet such theoretical functionality is (1) grossly underutilized and (2) grossly misunderstood.

This post tackles three themes: (a) purpose of models, (b) what models are, and (c) what models aren’t. The latter theme is the most interesting one, so we’ll go in reverse order.

  • What models aren’t: models should not be confused with motion overflights. The construction of a 3D model doesn’t require video at all. The accuracy and power of third parties (shout out to our favorite,, to generate a virtual video ‘overflight’ is a compelling ‘bonus’…but it’s not the end-goal. Moreover, although drone-generated models – assuming the front end pilot knows what s/he is doing and the back-end rendering solution Is first rate – (i.e. Altizure) models are not meant to generate crystal clear imagery.
  • What models are: If models aren’t meant to capture beautiful overflights nor reproduce the likeness of buildings in 4K quality, what’s the point? Herein lay the power! 3D models, which require minimum flight time, offer a virtually infinite amount of uses. If you want to see a 200 (or more) acre area from any angle on your terms, model it. The practical uses of such a special dataset boggles the mind.
  • The purpose of models. If you want to measure anything in a the real-world down to inch-level accuracy (land surveys anyone?), a model is what you need. We haven’t tried it, but if you wanted to print your neighborhood via a 3D printer, the output of a drone-facilitated model should do the trick.

In parts 2 and 3 of this ‘series,’ we further explore the endless possibly and utility of models. For now, happy flying!


CES 2018: Low Voltage

• The recently concluded Consumer Electronic Show (CES) brought the requisite ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ but the convention seems to have hit a wall (when PC Magazine calls a Windows Tablet a top innovation, it’s not the best sign). The invariable evolution of technology brings new real-time ways to disseminate information, in turn making these few days in Las Vegas arguably less relevant.

• The two biggest takeaways from the show were: (1) the College Football National Championship which kicked off, as usual, on opening night of the convention. The game was so good (go #alabama), CES started in the back seat (and autos were certainly a theme!). Second, the humiliation. At the peak of the show, virtually all power in the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) went DARK. Ouch. For those who follow power generation in the Nevada area, all we can say is Damn.

• Despite such distractions, CES was a continuation of previously telegraphed themes – but with few exceptions, there was a palpable lack of ‘wow’ this year. Technology and innovation will always remain worth watching; yet, on the whole, it was elegant poetry watching the lights shut off in the brightest city in the U.S. Nevertheless, we have booked our hotel for next year. We hope to see some solar powered drones!


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